11 February 10: Saddle Questions

Tomorrow I should have some full-fledged bike porn for all of you people who are into gear! I think my Wilier will be ready tonight, so with any luck I will be on it tomorrow and be able to post pics here.

In the meantime, I wanted to address a common question about the Adamo saddles. One of my readers wrote in to ask whether the “Adamo Road” saddle (pictured, and also now famously part of Mr. Armstrong’s time trial bike) would be appropriate for someone whose focus is triathlon.

For those of you considering trying one of these saddles, I thought this was worth clarifying. Strangely enough, although the name may indicate otherwise, the “Adamo Road” and “Adamo Racing” saddles are the ISM seats that are designed for triathlon cycling–for the time trial position.

However, ISM has just come out with two seats that are a bit more narrow in the back and thus give the rider more options for sliding back on the seat (as in, for climbing). Hence these seats, the “Breakaway” and the “Podium,” are those that cater more specifically¬†to the needs of road cyclists. So far they have been a big hit! Again, you can find all of these seats here on the ISM website. Hope this helps!

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  1. If you know anyone who wants to buy my Adamo Road saddle- (in pink, so probably a chic- or very manly man) let me know. Only used it for maybe 5 rides.

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